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You can go back and see days that are dead and gone, a hundred thousand sunsets ago. No wonder you never stay still.
preciouskillian: tenxrose, "I'm coming, just sit tight"

"I’m coming, just sit tight!"

Those were the last words Rose had heard the Doctor say. She’d called him when they got separated while shopping to figure out where he was since she was done. He’d uttered those words and then rang off.

Moments later Rose’s world went dark.


When the Doctor arrived at the location Rose had described to him on the phone, he couldn’t spot his blonde companion.

"Never stays put when I tell her to…" he muttered under his breath.

He was about to call her again when he spotted her mobile next to the fountain and his blood ran cold. Rose wouldn’t leave her mobile voluntarily.

Someone had taken Rose.


Rose had no idea where she was. Some sort of cell as far as she could tell but there was no light and no discernible exits. Without the sonic or her mobile she was just going to have to hope the Doctor would find her sooner rather than later.


It took two and a half days of straight searching for the Doctor to find her. He’d terrorized the city, questioning every person, threatening to undo their entire society if Rose was not returned to him.

Finally, someone led him to the hidden cell where she was being kept. He didn’t even ask why they’d taken her. He got one glance at Rose, unconscious on the floor and had swept her into his arms and made for the TARDIS.

If she didn’t survive, he told them he’d be back and they would wish they had never been born.


Pressed up against her,          you felt safe and warm.          And you knew what would happen next. The snakeready to strike, the bullet finding a body. Night.                    The taste of cherry.          This is the astral plane,          this is the spirit world, she says and drawsa heart on the dirt floor with her finger.


Pressed up against her,
          you felt safe and warm.
          And you knew what would happen next. The snake
ready to strike, the bullet finding a body. Night.
                    The taste of cherry.
          This is the astral plane,

          this is the spirit world, she says and draws
a heart on the dirt floor with her finger.

Anonymous: Ten and Rose: "Maybe if you actually listened this time!"

"Oh great place for a vacation, Doctor," Rose said, biting sarcasm evident in every word. "I’m loving the dank cells here, very picturesque."

"Blaming me for getting us imprisoned?" He forced a laugh, "Oh, that- THAT is rich."

Rose and the Doctor’s relationship, such as it was, had been rocky since France on a space ship. In an effort to patch things up, the Doctor had dropped Mickey off on a pleasure planet for a few days and promised Rose a proper vacation, just the two of them.

It wasn’t going well.

"And why is that?" She asked, spinning to face him.

"Because you’re the one who wandered off and got in trouble! Maybe if you actually had listened this time we wouldn’t be in here!"

"You said it was safe!"

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jabber-who-key: Crap! I I thought I had looked through all of the ones you posted. (But yay more to read!) can I change my mind? If yes...."I’m gonna be sick." With twelve and rose?

The Doctor was barely three paces out of the TARDIS when a flash went off in front of him. When his vision cleared there was a person in front of him.

A very familiar person. Blonde hair, blue leather jacket…it took a moment for his brain to kick into gear and spit the name out at him.



He was about to inform her of the impossibility of her being here when she looked up at him, wide brown eyes meeting his blue ones.

"I’m gonna be sick," she said before promptly throwing up at his feet.

"That was a very rude greeting, Rose Tyler," he drawled, Scottish accent thick.

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Anonymous: TenxRose, "I'm sick of being USELESS."

The Doctor pulled the covers up over Rose, making sure she was completely ensconced in the blankets. She got cold so easily these days. Once he was sure he’d done a better than average job, he lifted his eyes to meet hers, a soft smile on his lips.

It fell at the sight of tears in her eyes. One started running down her cheek and he swiftly swiped it off with his thumb, cupping her cheek with the same motion.

"Rose, what’s wrong?"

"I’m sick of being useless. I can’t even tuck myself in properly much less help you save the universe." She turned her head away from his hand, "I’m afraid the longer I’m here the more you’re going to resent me for slowing you down."

"I could never resent you," he said vehemently. "I don’t care if we’ve had to slow down, I’ll take every day I possibly can with you."

Neither mentioned the days they had left together were painfully few.

He laced his fingers with hers, squeezing gently. The timelessly youthful skin of the Time Lord’s hands contrasted sharply with the paper-thin and wrinkled skin of Rose’s.

"Forever, Rose. You promised and I accepted and even though you can’t run anymore doesn’t change that."

She gave him a small, sad smile, knowing that her forever was coming to an end soon and he’d have to continue on without her.

Her eyes fluttered closed as sleep claimed her and the Doctor prayed to any deity that might be listening for just another day with his beloved.

Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together?
Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.
~Emery Allen (via splitterherzen)

rose tyler screencaps per episode - 1x04 aliens of london

rose tyler screencaps per episode - 1x04 aliens of london

make me choose: wes gibbins or annalise keating [asked by anon]


Behind the Scenes of Army of Ghosts/Doomsday (Part Two)
(link for part one)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s article in DWM #372

     “Right, I want a tight profile on the Doc and the Dalek,” says Graeme, outlining his next shot.
     “We might not have time to do this,” begins David, “but I love those Dalek point-of-view shots…”
     “Yeah,” smiles Graeme, “we’re gonna do one of those a bit later.”
     “Aw!  You’ve made my day, Graeme.”
     When it comes to the take, a Dalek eyestalk obscures David’s nose.  A problem, surely?  Apparently not.  If fervour makes you live longer, Graeme must be immortal.  “Ooh, that’s fantastic!” he enthuses.
     “Do you want me to move my head a little that way?” asks David.
     “Nah,” raves the director, “I love it!  Your nose is in the eyestalk!  We’re keeping it!”
     Back inside, Graeme is lining up the Dalek point-of-view shot.  David looks delighted.  “How do you do that?” ask Billie, as he looks cross-eyed into the Dalek point-of-view camera.
     “You push your eyes really far into the centre,” explains David.
     “Doesn’t that hurt?”
     “A little bit.”
     “Ooh, don’t, David,” she shrieks.  “You’ll stay like that!”

The rest of the behind-the-scenes photosets are available here



the christmas invasion