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ok, this one was definitely too cute. TOO CUTE. ;)

am i drowning you in fluff yet? people always accuse me of killing them with doomsday and post-doomsday angst and i try to tell them that about 80% of what i write is fluff and they don’t believe me.


mostly because no one has given me a prompt that lends itself to angst really. or an eleven/rose or twelve/rose prompt. those have a tendency to turn into angst for me.


make me choose: impossibleheroes asked: ten/rose or nine/rose.


doctor who meme | ten episodes - the satan pit

waltzing-with-my-inner-geek: For the fic prompt thing: Tentoo/Rose, tomato sandwich

"Doctor…" Rose prodded at the sleeping man beside her. She was fairly certain he was awake and just faking the snores so he wouldn’t have to get out of bed. "Doctor, I know you’re awake so you might as well act like it."

He flopped over to face her, hair adorably sleep-mussed and wild. “What is it? Because I’m pretty sure that it’s Saturday and eight in the morning and we should both still be sleeping.”

Rose had been awake for three hours already but decided not to tell him that. “I really want a tomato sandwich. With mustard.”

"Okaaaay," the Doctor drawled. "Why does that require me being awake?"

"Because we don’t have any tomatoes. Or any bread actually since you took our loaf into Torchwood on Thursday for that experiment."

The Doctor propped himself up on one elbow and ran his eyes over his wife, bright eyed and sitting cross-legged on their bed, baby bump prominent even under the oversized t-shirt she was wearing.

"Well if you and the little one are demanding a tomato sandwich, I guess that’s a good reason to get up." He swung his legs over the side of the bed and stretched. "You have the weirdest cravings though. Don’t most pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream or something? Think I read that somewhere."

"What have you been reading?" Rose questioned. "That’s disgusting. And I’m sure the cravings are all due to your genetic input, Mr. Has to Taste Everything. Mum said she only craved chips when she was pregnant with me."

"Can’t imagine why. You hate them."

Rose threw a pillow at him, which he ducked. He finished pulling on trousers and leaned down to give her a kiss.

"Love you, I’ll be back with the tomatoes and bread in a few."

Rose watched him walk out the door after donning a t-shirt, grinning after him.

"You’re gonna have the best dad," she whispered down to her stomach.

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Favourite Doctor Who characters - Rose Tyler

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cute and lovely :)

thanks! :D

Anonymous: Rose x tentoo. What happened when they got home after bad wolf bay after just "meeting". Like roses reaction and feel towards him. (Probably much hand holding after not being able to for all that time).

It had been a long journey back to London after being dropped off on Bad Wolf Bay. Again.

Not much had been said by either the Doctor or Rose. They’d pretended to sleep or to be interested in a book or film but really they were at a loss as to what to say in the face of everything that had happened, of everything that could happen.

So words remained unsaid but hands were never far from each other and if one of them left the room, the other was tense until they came back into their line of vision. It all still seemed like a dream and neither of them wanted to wake up and find that they weren’t together after all so neither spoke, unwilling to potentially fracture the dream, and just let it play out.

When they made it to Rose’s flat, having declined Jackie’s ten offers for them to just stay at the mansion for a night, Rose immediately wrapped him in a hug as soon as they were both inside.

"I never thought I’d be coming back here," she whispered into his chest.

The Doctor swallowed past the lump in his throat and held her tighter, burying his nose in her hair. “I know. None of this is what you expected and I’m sorry.”

He told himself that he’d understand if she needed time to herself to sort out the fact that he’d left her once again even though he was also still with her. That she’s ended up in a universe that wasn’t really her own once again.

"I’m not sorry. No,I didn’t expect it but we’re together and that’s all I could hope for. All I need."

She disentangled herself and took his hand, leading him down the barren hallway to the bedroom. They curled up on the bed together and let all the words they’d been holding in since Norway come flowing out. It wasn’t a dream anymore. It was reality and it was going to be hard but they had each other and that meant it was going to be fantastic.

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Hello. Hello. Hello.  
Anyway…  Why don’t we stop and have a nice little chat while I tell you all my plans and you can work out a way to stop me, I don’t think. 

requested by a Nonny

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There are way too few high school!Nine fics in the universe… You should definitely do that!

I probably will, tbh. because i have ideas of all the story leading up to this point and a little bit for after it and a;lsdkfjall;asjf high school!nine needs to be more of a thing

Hawkeye out.

Hawkeye out.

thexlostxgirlx: I THINK - I think he was trying to decide if it was a good idea, you know? Like yes, on the one hand he could tell her - he could tell her that he loves her, like she told him. He could tell her, and then disappear moments later, and Rose could spend the rest of her life trapped in that universe with the knowledge that he loved her but they could never be together. And what a horrible burden that would be. But on the other hand if he DIDN'T tell her, then she would spend the rest of her (1/2)

Trapped in that universe wondering if any of it had been real, or if she had simply always been another companion, just like Sarah Jane and all those came before her. And he couldn’t let her go on thinking that she wasn’t important to him, that she wasn’t the one thing his world revolved around, that he didn’t need her just as much as she needed him. So he decided to just tell her. But of course by the time he came to that conclusion, it was too late (2/2)

(sam and i are talking about what could possibly have been going on in the doctor’s head when he paused for A REALLY LONG TIME AFTER SAYING “I SUPPOSE IF IT’S MY LAST CHANCE TO SAY IT” ON BAD WOLF BAY)

Okay, I just went back and watched this scene (multiple times) to refresh my memory (your fault for all the emotions that are going to rise to the top after me watching that again) and I think you could be right. That’s probably one of the things running through his mind right then.

Do I say it? Do I not say it? Either way is going to hurt both of us. But living with the doubt for her and regret for me would be worse than the weight of knowing for certain that the love was reciprocated even though we’ll never see each other again.

But the way he’s looking at her…he’s memorizing her. Trying to imprint every last nuance of her face before he can never see it again. Sure he’s got photos but that’s not the same as seeing her. And she’s crying and breaking apart in front of him and it hurts, physically hurts, that he can’t just wrap her in a hug and tell her it will all be okay, but he still takes the time to memorize her for the thousandth time.

And he gets lost in the moment, an all too human reaction to the emotions flying between the two of them, and the Time Lord loses track of time. The countdown to the last microsecond he’ll be able to see her that had been ticking in his mind from the moment the projection went through fades away with disastrous consequences.

The Time Lord out of time once again.

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Omg this is so freaking cute!

ahhh thanks! i’m just really feeling high school!nine right now and want moreeeeeee.

(i actually want to keep writing that particular prompt. it could be a lot of fun)

doesnt-smoke-weed: nine/rose locker room

Rose shrieked when she saw John leaning against her locker in the girls locker room, looking like he had every right to be there.

"Doctor, you can’t be in here."

John bit back a smile at hearing her use his nickname. “I had to talk to you somehow and you’ve been avoiding me for a week.” He shrugged, “Knew you’d be in here.”

Rose started muttering curses under her breath as she heard footsteps in the hall. Her hand closed over his wrist, almost slipping off the leather that covered it, and pulled him into the storage cupboard just before a gaggle of girls walked into the locker room to change.

"I can’t believe this is happening right now," Rose said, leaning her head against the door and trying to ignore the very real fact that she had locked herself and John in a very small cupboard for a minimum of thirty minutes.

"You’re the one who pulled us in here," John pointed out unnecisarrily.

"Yeah, because you showed up in the girls locker room where you’re not allowed to be!”

"Like I said, I knew you’d be here and we need to talk."

"Fine then, talk. You’ve got a captive audience at least half an hour before those girls finish getting ready and leave. Not sure what you want to say though, thought you made everything perfectly clear last week."

Last week when she’d finally given into the urge that had been plaguing her for years and had pulled him down to give him a kiss when they were breathless from running away from his latest disaster of an experiment. He’d been her best friend since they were both twelve and she’d had a crush on him almost as long. She should’ve known better than to think he could feel the same way and when he didn’t kiss her back…well she stuttered out an apology and ran, ignoring his calls for her to stop.

She’d been avoiding him ever since, cursing herself for messing up their friendship and being a lovestruck idiot.

"No, you wouldn’t let me make anything clear cause you haven’t let me say a word." John sounded supremely frustrated.

"What’s there to say? I kissed you. You didn’t kiss me back. I’m sorry, I didn’t me-"

"I’m not"

"-an to make things…" Rose cut off. "What did you say?"

"I’m not sorry. I’m sorry you ran off and didn’t let me explain. But I’m not sorry that you kissed me. Been wanting to do that for ages but never thought you’d be interested."

"Really?" She could feel her hopes rising by the second.

"Really. You just caught me by surprise, didn’t have enough time to respond."

"Really?" She repeated.

He rolled his eyes and stepped forward, closing the few inches of distance between them. “Really,” he breathed.

This time when their lips met there was active participation on both of their parts.

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